Monday, 13 February 2017

What is the Difference between a blog and a website?

Both website and blogs have their individual niche on the Internet. Blogs are most often part of a web page or just a page full of unwanted information, whereas a website can bear fruits with or without a blog in business. A blog is a small window through which visitors seek some sort of guidance or knowledge. A website can play multiple roles at a time. Following points will help you know more about the differences between a website and a blog-

Website a virtual store -A website is a sea like. It has everything one might need as compared to a blog. In addition to interaction, the website serves all purpose of a visitor.  And if the business is your priority you gotta choose Web sites over a blog.

A Website is dynamically responsive -Verbatim, they are just so. As most of the websites have a panel attached for communication; information shared over it serve the purpose of a blog too. A website can have a blog as a separate section but a blog cannot serve as a present-day website.  Web sites have videos, vivid images and lot more of content that showcases all about your business products, employees, services etc. But on blogs one's approach is limited. There is a huge difference between numbers of websites and individual blogs so is between their visitors.

Website a practical approach to present day customer-
a blog may be a useful source of Information but has a limited approach.  Whilst through your web page in addition to getting the relevant info you can keep records of each individual customer's purchase histories and a whole lot of data.

A blog is like a Newspaper, Now just imagine where do you find what you need in a Newspaper?  You have got to read through it all eventually landing on a little piece of information which is probably not enough. A website, on the contrary, is full of information.

Blog details but a Website Sells-
A blog can help you become a subject matter expert but it cannot help you sell what you are there for. On a website, you can search what you want you can compare it with others
(an e-commerce website) and even pay it off for.  

In the end How you can add a blog to your existing website- You don't have to buy it, it comes alongside. For developers, it's a piece of cake
you can take the help of your website organizers for doing that.

Hopefully! we were able to distinguish between a blog and a website. In nutshell with a website alone you can do two task and you do not need a blog website (as it sounds).  For more information, you can visit our   
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