Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Benefits of Bulk SMS Solution for Retail Industry


For now, the retail industry is now touching the new heights in the market and people are tremendously responding to these shopping giants. Be it grocery items, fruits and vegetables, packed food, home d├ęcor, jewelry, electronics, or clothing, people quickly turn towards the retail store to make a convenient purchase. As modernization is taking place in every sector, the retail industry also does not untouched of it. As the world is moving towards the mobile solutions, retailers are also looking for the solutions to give a fascinating shopping experience to their customers. E-commerce retailers have changed the shopping methods and this ultimately resulted in a rise in demand for Bulk SMS Company Indore so that the customers can be informed of product price list, product availability, and to get a feedback on customer’s experience with the retailer. Also, the marketers are looking for SMS solution to reinforce their marketing campaigns to promote the product or services, to make certain improvements in customer services.
  • Bulk SMS is the most efficient mode of brand promotion among all the other marketing methods such as email, call, or social media.
  • It is proven that when a customer receives a text message on their mobile phones, 70% of times they read it within 4 minutes of receiving which is a good response time than any other promotional channels.
  • More than half of the population owns a personal mobile phone that has a default feature of text messaging. In this way, the retailers can easily reach their target audiences.
  • The cost of operation is also very less that fits in every budget of a business compared to other communication sources.
  • With the revolutionized SMS service, retailers can send several sorts of information in just one click such as product reminder, sales and promotions, offer and discount reminders, feedback after every purchase, etc.
Thus, Bulk SMS Company Indore has completely altered the scenario of retail and traditional departmental stores and had set broad dimensions in the industry.

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