Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Why Need to Buy Bulk SMS for Product Promotion?


India is the world’s largest and fastest growing in the field of smart phone. It is making mobile advertising a smart and easiest way of promoting products and services. Smart phones also shares important updates with customers for their knowledge. There are various other channels of mobile advertising but among them Bulk SMS Marketing (or it is also known as instant message promoting) is the fastest developing channel. Bulk SMS Marketing is used to send instant messages in bulk as it can work wonders for increasing sales, increasing the rate of new customers and also in maintaining healthy relations with the existing customers. By using Bulk SMS, a business can increase their customers and can also be used to promote their products and services. It can also save a lot of time and money of the business. There are a number of advantages of using Bulk SMS as a marketing tool. The advantages of this technology are as follows:
  • As we all know that sending messages through telephone is a very time consuming process. There are some people who do not like receiving such messages of product description. Bulk SMS marketing allows the business to explain the features of their products.
  • As in email, some messages go directly to the spam folder and may remain unread. But in Bulk SMS Marketing, SMS is free of spam.
  • Bulk SMS are economical and quicker as it allows you to deliver the messages to millions of people around the world and with the minimum cost and in the shortest possible time.
  • No doubt, a person certainly gets irritated if he receives messages while in office or driving or is in any other important work. Unlike this situation, Bulk SMS has an exclusive feature of delivering the message silently to the customers, without disturbing them. The person can go through the message at his or her convenience.
  • Messages are not sent one after the other. Instead, for this purpose, specially designed software is used to send the messages in bulk in one go.

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  1. Bulk SMS marketing work wonders for all businesses irrespective of its size and nature.