Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Services Offered by Transactional SMS Providers in India


Transactional SMS are all about the information they get on their mobile phones of the services they have rendered. These SMS are sent to only those people who choose to be informed about the services. These types of messages are known as Transactional SMS as these are not promotional messages. The companies use Transactional SMS providers so that they can deliver their messages to their customers. These SMS are only sent to the people when they choose to get an alert for these services and this can help them in getting latest information about their bank accounts, booking and many more. 

What are the uses of transactional SMS providers in India?
  • It helps the educational institutions to inform parents or guardians about the student’s attendance, fees related information, any important message to be given to the child and many other vital information.
  • Many times, people give their mobile numbers in the banks for regular update of their account. In return, the financial institutions inform the user regarding their cash details as in deposited or withdrawal. 
  • While placing an online order, an individual gives his contact number so that he or she can be updated about the parcel's dispatch, order confirmation, order delivery and also for order return. These are used by customers about regular updates of their products delivery. 
  • An individual can also book gas, business details or confirmation of doctor's appointment information and can get up to date information regarding it.
  • The transactional SMS provider helps us in getting security coding or OTP (One Time Password) we get while doing online shopping and many more things.
What are the benefits of using the Transactional SMS provider in India?
  • These messages are sent to the users anytime and at any place without any problem. 
  • The option of push delivery report is also available. 
  • The transactional message serves as high delivery ratio than any other kind of SMS. 
  • It also delivers the real time of delivery to the companies or agencies.
  • It gives fast, easy and secure delivery to its users.

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